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Donations to the Challenge Campaign support early career (pre-tenure) Hawthorneans, graduate students writing dissertations on Hawthorne, and college students and secondary school teachers working on projects that focus upon Hawthorne. Donations to the CC are tax exempt.

Link for donations:


Recent donors to the Challenge Campaign and the Nathaniel Hawthorne Society include:

Oda Atsuko
Robert Gerber

The original donors to the Challenge Campaign are:
Samuel Coale
Robert Derry
Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne
Rosemary Fisk
Rita Gollin
Elizabeth Goodenough
Stephan Loewentheil
Megan Marshall
Richard Millington
Atsuko Oda
Patricia Dunlavy Valenti
William Valentine

Requests for support will be vetted by Nathaniel Hawthorne Society advisory board.